Task #11: Art is in the eye of the beholder

I’ve actually spent a bunch of time playing with Art Filters lately. (Ok, technically it’s neural style transfer, but… I’m not being technical here.)

Those require graphic processors, far more powerful than the PB. But quite amazing results

Links below for the curious.

But the point being, I was in a arty mood and said to myself: Any one who makes PB code is making art, in some form, anyway. So what if the task is to explicitly make some “art”

Your art idea can be anything. Maybe you make paint splatter on a matrix canvas, maybe it makes a sculpture appear, or maybe a famous painting. (Or a not so famous one)

Imagine your matrix will be hung up in a museum. What is on it?

This is a very loose and creative task. For those who want something more concrete and simple, figure out how to light up a picture on the matrix. Doesn’t have to be a complex one. Doesn’t have to be a real bitmap… Might just be 1s and 0s (black and white), or might be fancier [RGB might be easier than HSV for this one]
If you document your data format, maybe someone else can make pictures for it!

As always golfing is welcome, too.

Oh right, links for the fancy “neural style transfer” stuff for those curious

Plain and simple but almost immediate:
(They have both a mobile app and desktop ones but this demo of their API is fast (refresh after submitting and it’ll be ready). Examples at the bottom that might look familiar.

More complex examples:
https://ostagram.me is much slower a queue (often takes an hour for free rendering) but you can also upload your own styles.

There are many others, and lots of code on GitHub. Most of it requires having fancy graphics cards with GPUs, the more the better.