Task #18 - Circular Reasoning

I was going to do a build onto Task #17, but nobody’s seeming all that into it, so… it’ll wait.

So to continue the ‘works with a strip’ month of tasks…

Take a strand (the size is up to you, but I’d recommend no bigger than 60), and tape it together, with the pixels facing outward. This way the light goes SIDEWAYS. You could also do it inward, but the effect is usually nicer outwardly. Your background matters, so try to do this on a white surface, or even if you can hang it up, a white wall.

Now, make a pattern that lights up the wall in neat ways. It could be as simple as a single line, like Task #17, or it could be much fancier.

Clocks are obvious, so let’s leave that. Make this more interesting!


I really liked this idea a lot when you posted it, @scruffynerf, so I immediately added building one of those Etsy wall light things to my project list. Finally… finally, it reached the top of the list this weekend. (And the list still isn’t any smaller.) Here’s my circle of light – it is cool and fun and relatively easy to build. I highly recommend this project!

It’s made from Things I Had in the Garage. I cut (with a router) the outside circle from 1/2" fiberboard backed with white melamine for better reflectivity. The ring that holds the light is cut from 3/4" OSB sheeting. I mounted two rings of 104 60/meter WS2812 strip, wired in parallel to a Pixelblaze 2, all powered by a 20A supply, which is mounted on the back.

It’s mounted on a spare mic stand at the moment, but I think it would look even better wall mounted, or suspended from the ceiling. Lots of room for experimentation!

Here are a couple of pictures of the build: