Task #18 - Circular Reasoning

I was going to do a build onto Task #17, but nobody’s seeming all that into it, so… it’ll wait.

So to continue the ‘works with a strip’ month of tasks…

Take a strand (the size is up to you, but I’d recommend no bigger than 60), and tape it together, with the pixels facing outward. This way the light goes SIDEWAYS. You could also do it inward, but the effect is usually nicer outwardly. Your background matters, so try to do this on a white surface, or even if you can hang it up, a white wall.

Now, make a pattern that lights up the wall in neat ways. It could be as simple as a single line, like Task #17, or it could be much fancier.

Clocks are obvious, so let’s leave that. Make this more interesting!