The RGB-W Color Order is Gone?

Lately when I go on the color order options I don’t see RGB-W anymore, just RGBW and GBRW and the like. Has this been removed or am I doing something different to not see it now? I am using 12V 3000K RGBW lights on NeoPixel setting. Usually I have the option to do RGBW or RGB-W when I want to change the warm white to bright white. Any ideas?

Yes, this was removed as part of the rework done to support the new color order for WS2814 based strips. Was the “-W” (don’t use the white element) mode useful for you? It’s also possible to adjust whites by desaturating slightly, and controlling tint with hue. That will still use the white element, but will mix some of the RGB elements to balance as desired.

It was actually very useful! With patterns for Canada Day and 4th of July especially, it was great having those bright whites easily accessible via the RGB-W option. It will be too much work for me now to contact all of our clients and try and mix them each a bright white. Would be great to have that back at some point!