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It’s been over 6 months now and I’ve yet been able to connect my Pixelblaze up to my iMac PC. Whem powered on, three blinks then it goes right to a playlist and is NEVER recognized through Discovery mode. It’s stuck on the playlist I created almost one year ago but I’d very much like to change it. I’ve tried every conceivable recommendation posted here but all to no avail. Should I just accept the fact that my PB is stuck with the playlist it has for the foreseeable future? Perhaps I should just give up on this one and purchase another one, if they’re still available.

Hi @FredEBear,

Is the PB your having issues with V2? The new V3’s are pretty good and the XL version is pretty sweet.

Do you have any V3’s, and can you connect to them with your iMac? If you needed a V2, let me know I have a few of them kicking around.

Thank you for responding. I have several V3’s but 2 of them refuse to connect. It’s the PB’s that don’t connect that I have issues with. Yes I can connect with my iMac with the boards that want to connect.
Do you think the V2’s you have kicking around will connect to my iMac? If so then I would be most interested in purchasing some.

Hey @FredEBear, I have an iMac at home. I’ll bring some with me to test out and see if they connect.

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