Theater Room accent lights

Thanks to your help, my theater room is finished and getting oohs and ahhs from my visitors with the built-in LED accent lighting running off a Pixel Blaze. Using some patterns from the community and writing some of my own. It’s been loads of fun. Also put a button in the wall that lets the kids change the pattern. That’s been a hit too…


Beautiful installation! I’m sure the still photos don’t even come close to how good those Pixelblaze animations look.
Are you still thinking that the button will be for the kids? :wink:

What movies have you synchronized it with so far? :nerd_face:

Things like the Star Wars trench run (or really, anything going forwards through some other things!) would be cool if you copied the brightness from a few frames back from the left/right/top of the frame to the different arches. So it would appear that things that you just saw are now above/beside you.

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