Thoughts on Led Density

I was curious on what everyone’s thoughts were on Led density. I read several Post online that said: for projects where the viewer is going to be up close then 144 LEDs per meter is optimal. If the project is going to be viewed from a distance say ten feet or more then you can go with a lower density because from that distance you won’t be able to tell the difference anyway. I’ve only had experience with both far ends of the spectrum 30 LEDs per meter and 144 per meter. Just was hoping for some opinions that’s all thank you much!

It’s not quite that simple. For example diffusion matters… Location matters, direct viewing versus indirect viewing.
Complexity of pattern matters too. Running a simple KITT style “moving scan” will look great, at “low res” (I’m being slightly ironic, as 144/m is only high res for LEDs, you’d never call that high otherwise) depending greatly on speed and all of the above.

Adding in factors like 3 pixels at a time (think of them as even less than 30/m resolution, with extra large “pixels”)

I’m still working on my thoughts about this, as it’s a key element to LED “art” vs using the exact same techniques with computer graphics (ie monitors and images, moving or static). It’s as different as watercolors vs oil, or clay vs granite, or wood vs steel.