Toggle box/Enable-Disable UI controller

Is it possible to add a boolean UI controller that can be used to toggle a variable to true/false?

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Great idea! @jeff had dome something similar with the sliders by checking a threshold. e.g.

export function sliderPerlinOrSimplex(v) { 
  useSimplex = v > 0.5 

As seen in his Perlin/Simplex Noise patterns.

I think a dedicated control for that will make a cleaner and more intuitive interface.

I actually did the same thing! But yeah, it’s not very intuitive. Agree that a dedicated control would help. Thanks :slight_smile:

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+1, while you can “fake it” with a slider, from UI perspective, a 1/0 binary slider, a checkbox, enable/disable switch, etc etc, any of those would help greatly to improve not only the UI experience but also the code simplicity.

I was looking for the same thing I am glad to see others requesting the same functionality.