Total noob question

I got a new controller since I locked up my old one and tired of trying to get it going again. My first attempt with the new controller was to run the Green Ripple Reflections and I hardly see any green in it. In fact, it’s pretty much an RGB showcase throughout. I’ve played with the color order settings and though they do change the look, none go to the shades of green I’m looking for. What might I be doing wrong?

Sounds like you might have rgbw leds with a non “W” setting or the reverse. That will cause all kinds of weirdness where it sort of works but the colors are off.

I’m kind of embarrassed that I didn’t at least try the W settings before posting a question. That was it. I bought this kit from you in 2021, played with it for a couple weeks and put it in a bag until now. I wish I could find a receipt so I could see what exactly I have. I was pretty sure they’re ws2812 but how do I know and aren’t they rgb not rgbw? I’m looking forward to getting deeper into this.

Thank you for your help!!

No worries. If you send a photo I can help ID stuff.

Obviously @wizard has offered to help you ID things from a photo, since he sold the kit to you, but for anyone else reading this thread in the future: There’s no downside or risk to literally just trying all the different LED color order settings experimentally with a simple test pattern running. When buying unknown strips from unknown sellers, sometimes that’s the fastest way to figure out the color order they’re programmed in.


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