Troubleshooting with PixelBlaze 2.0

Seems like it appeared all of a sudden. Ive been using it for 1 year+. Now, im not able to access it at all. For a couple of time, the first 4 LEDs were lighting up, the starting with one white, the others yellow. Dont now if I brick it… And I was looking forward to use it for my Halloween setup haha…

Hi @billkillerz ,
Sorry to hear that! You don’t see it on Wifi, and the output LEDs aren’t doing anything? What do the LEDs on the PB do when you power it up? Do you have the v2+ with a button and orange LED, or the older V2 without?

I’d disconnect the LEDs and try to power it directly via USB just to make sure its not a short or power issue or something.

If a V2 can’t connect to wifi it was previously configured for, it will time out after a few minutes and go in to setup mode. I’d try giving it power and scanning for a Pixelblaze_XXXXXX network for a few minutes.

Nothing better than to troubleshoot with the creator himself :wink: Forgot to check for the pixelblaze on my wifi, guess it lost it configuration for some reason, because there’s one. I got the V2+ with the sensor expansion board hooked up sandwitch style :wink:

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