Trying to deploy Firestorm to hostinger

Hey I am trying to deploy Firestorm to hostinger vps. I already have my website there so port 80 is default and 3000, 3001 are also used. When I am running on my local machine it is accessible at and But when i deployed it to my VPS it is not showing anything and is not accessible at directed ip address.

I need help as I am creating a react native app and want to use the get request from this.

Platform: Hostinger
os: Ubuntu 22.04 64bit

Hi @Manpreet ,
I think the problem with this approach is that Firestorm needs to be on the same local network as the Pixelblazes in order to receive the broadcast that they send out, and to connect to their websocket servers as well.

@wizard So is there any workaround that can be done, so that a user can connect to their IP address via my app without having to configure everything while being on the same network as a controller?

Hi @Manpreet, what application are you using your App for?

@mnielsen The usage is for LED lights to control from the app like turning the lights on and off.

Hi @Manpreet, gotcha. Is this just for personal use? Or an App that you’ll put in the App stores?

For personal use for now as a project. Do you think there is a workaround Firestorm or any other API that lets me discover the controller when I am on the same wifi network as a controller?

If it’s just for personal use, you can use the App we made for permanent holiday lights. Just search Pixel Lights in the App store and you’ll find it. If it’s for business, feel free to DM me about it.

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