Trying to figure lengths

New to this. Just got my blaze and add ons.

Still.awaiting lights.

I want to run a long string of the 2812b

60leds per meter.

I’m figuring a 25 meter run.
I understand power injection.

But how far can blaze send signal? How close does it need to be to the start of the lighting? Can I run a 3 meter lead line between the blaze and my lights?

Awesome.controller btw

Here’s a sample of my goal.
90 watts per 3.meter.strand. so insert a 5vdc. 200 watt supply between every two.
Power the blaze off the one led line?
Keep the negative and output line constant. While breaking the 5vdc into pairs?

Hi @Takagari,
The signal is regenerated at each pixel, so as long as the distance between any two points isn’t too great, it can keep going and going.

3 meters should be OK. Most WS2812 and clones say 5M, but it really all depends on the wiring and line noise. When in doubt, use shielded cable or twister pair (with one as gnd, one as data). The output impedance of Pixelblaze (and the output expander) was chosen to match the characteristic impedance of cat 5/5e cable.

Good clean power also helps, if possible inject power at each input + output (to reduce the supply differences). You are probably fine between the strips, but something to keep in mind if you do run into issues due to the distance. Injecting power at the start of the strip too might help (like run extra wire from the first PS, to reduce the voltage drop/swing that your Pixelblaze sees.

Thanks, and let us know how it goes!

Thanks for the reply.
To clarify 5m is max for injection start?
Between controller and first led?

My house layout is unique making a number of channels fairly spread out start points.