Turn off LED on boards Pixelblaze/Expander


I was wondering if there is an option to deactivate all LEDs on the boards. I use them in front of a semi-transparent film. When the stripes are off, you can see the status LEDs through them.

So far I’ve made do with masking - unfortunately that doesn’t last in the long term.

I would be very grateful for any tips or advice.

How about a little blob of black RTV silicone over the LEDs? You can probably peel it off if you ever need to see them again.


Thanks for the simple but clever idea. I didn’t realise that silicone holds so well on the circuit board. I’ll test how long and how well it holds.

I had only thoughts about switching it off using software.

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I use black electrical tape.


That was the one I was using as well - until it came lose. Might be a bad one… Silicone now is the thing for me. Thats solid.