Two PB one Sensor Board

Was wondering if it’s possible to sandwich two PB’s onto one sensor board so that they receive the same sensor data. This is for a wearable so I don’t want to use firestorm. Do I just need to make sure that they both receive ground and data, and then have one PB power the board from USB?

This is definitely doable. You’ll want to be sure you also feed a regulated 3.3V from one of the two Pixelblaze to the sensor board.

I have a little diagram going to help, but before I post it, can you say a little about how you plan to power the two Pixelblaze boards and any LEDs?

Going to power the boards off a single 20,000 mAh battery pack via USB. Battery pack has 3 USB, so will feed each micro it’s own USB and power the LEDs off the micro. One board will send patterns for a matrix, the other board will run patterns for a strip of 4020 SMD LEDs. Both are WS2812b’s.

Nice! Sounds like you know what you’re doing so I trust you can do the power calcs to not exceed the 1.8A each USB is rated for. Unless you’re also looking for a portable heater.

Here’s the pinout from the schematic for the sensor board:

So, that means make sure pins 1 and 4 are shared between all three boards, and pin 3 is connected between only one Pixelblaze and the sensor board.