Unable to connect to

hello. i am using pixelblaze v3 + sensor expansion board and i am unable to connect to the for modification. Can anyone help me please. i am a beginner at this. I was able to connect once or twice, but now I cannot.

Did you have the Pixelblaze join another network, rather than act as a stand alone access point? If so, it will be assigned an IP by the network, rather than taking the default one of

yes, I have to first connect to a “fake” wifi called Pixel. only after powering the device up. once its powered up, i connect to pixel by disconnecting from my home wifi to the “fake” wifi. then I type in to connect to the device. it does not connect

*** edit *** it connected. Im unsure as to what happened! LOL! thank you for your response.

I have very often connection issues when connecting to AP mode through
I noticed a few recurring factors and mitigations (not ideal but saves me from resetting the wifi every time like before):

  • If the connecting device is too far from the Pixelblaze, it will fail to connect, or if it connects it will fail to control (means you see the UI but your actions don’t pass onto the Pixelblaze. Sometimes 5 meters are enough to break connection if there is some interference around.

  • I use an Android phone and it’s creating a lot of problems in AP mode (but I suspect this is Android’s problem, which makes ESP32s not super reliable to use with Android):

  1. After connecting to the AP mode for the first time, Android will usually do a check of internet connection, and when it fails, ask you if you actually want to stay connected. I observed that I can’t connect to the Pixelblaze until I have told Android i want to stay connected (even thought the icon at the top of the screen shows i’m connected to its wifi network). This usually happens once, but if you don’t keep it in mind you can wonder why you don’t access to the PB even though it’s connected

  2. Consider I connected and controlled through on my Android phone. All good. I then turn off my screen (and lock it) to put it back in my pocket, staying connected to Pixelblaze. If I take my phone out of my pocket a few minutes later and unlock my screen, i get back to the Pixelblaze control page. Sometimes, it gives me back control almost immediately or after a small delay, but sometimes, it does not, and reloading does NOT work (does not even load the rotating cube), even though the wifi shows i’m still connected to Pixelblaze. The only workaround is to disconnect from the AP network manually (in the phone’s wifi mode), then reconnect. Then you can reload the page, it will always work.

This is very annoying in festival where I try to limit the time I spend on my phone. I found out that creating a access point with the phone instead, and connecting to it as a client with the Pixelblaze is much more reliable (and allows you to keep internet access on your phone), but then it uses a lot more phone battery.

I wish this would be more reliable (for example with Bluetooth control).