Unable to reach PB3 after attempting update

In the process of updating from V3.5 to V3.51 via the /recovery screen the PB froze. I restarted after a bit but it would navigate directly to the recovery screen, but was showing blanks next to the Name, Pattern, etc. I wifi restarted again via 5 second button push and now it’s unreachable. The orange light still powers on but I’m not able to find it, assuming it’s in AP mode. Any guidance?

Use the recovery tool to apply the update again. Once it completes successfully you should be good to go.

You’ll need to find the Pixelblaze_xxxxxx network and connect to that. The recovery app should load once you connect instead of the usual setup screen, since the update failed part way. You can update manually from there, and/or set up WiFi.

It would no longer show up on the wifi network or via discovery tool after a couple reboots. After another 4-5 reboots, after finding this thread, I got it to enter wifi mode, but it wouldn’t navigate to the update tab and was not showing any PB data (see below).

I went directly to /update and was able to select the update file and clicked update, and got a notice that it was successfully updated. Weirdly, it was still at V3.5, despite using a V3.51 file. I then updated again and it seemed to be losing space very quickly, and I got this error

I try to navigate to and see if it’s functional but it autodirects back to the recovery tool page.

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