Unable to save patterns

Patterns are loading up on this particular controller and working, but it will not generate a preview or allow me to save on thr new patterns. This is probably close to my 60th controller or more, and first time seeing this. Any solutions possibly? I have reset the unit and still does the same thing. TIA

Hi @Illuminationspecs ,
Is it loading with ?min in the URL? This disables the live preview, which is needed in order to save patterns in the editor. You can click on the live preview area to toggle it on/off, so I’d give that a try and see if the preview generation progress bar is moving.

If Pixelblaze has trouble loading things when you open the page, it may prompt you to disable loading previews. If you click OK it will add ?min to the url.

If you click the New Pattern button, does the default rainbow generate previews?

If there is a problem with the pattern it may also prevent anything from being rendered. That would affect the LEDs as well, not just the live preview. This can happen if there’s a run time error, like accessing an array out of bounds, or if it can’t find an appropriate render function that matches the pixel map dimensions. e.g. having only a render3D but a 2D (or no) pixel map installed.

The other thing to check is that you have pixels configured in settings, and if using the output expander I would start at index 0 and have contiguous indexes assigned - that can cause issues with some patterns.

BTW what version are you running on that PB?