Upgrade to COB strips

I am planning to update my few existing lighting projects with COB LED Strips. I need minimum
16.4ft (5m) strip length. Of course I can stich together few shorter strips. Ideally I am looking for
24V but single LED per pixel strip. Does it actually exist (most likely no)? All 24V strips what I found
is a 6 LEDs per pixel. 12V single LED per pixel strip also will work. And of course, strip must be
compatible with PixelBlaze.
Amazon is highly preferable as a source. (I am not buying anything on Ali Express.)
Could you please recommend one?

I agree this would be a desirable config, but I haven’t seen anything Iike this.

Did you find a 24V COB strip at any length (other than fixed white color)? I’ve only seen 12-24V strips in 5050 sized chips, groups of 6 like you mentioned.

The density of the addressable COBs I bought a while back was something like 300/m, and it was the standard/slower 800 Khz protocol, so I bet frame rates and signal integrity are challenging at 5m of the stuff.

I ordered this 24V addressable COB strip:
It is only 100 pixels per 5M (16.4ft), each pixel is 5sm lenth. This will be a replacement for the current SK6812 RGBW 300pixels/16.4ft strip which is used for the kitchen under cabinet lighting. Effective number of pixels is only 100 because I am re-mapping 300 RGBW LEDs into 400 RGB LEDs (I need more warm white brightness but naturally Pixelblaze does not allowed to light up all 4 LEDs in a single pixel). So, this 24 COB replacement will give me the same 100 pixels but with much better LED’s density. In a color mode this strip is a status indicator for which high power appliance is turned ON.

And for the sinlge LED per pixel I ordered this one:
Unfortunately this one is a 5V version. It will be a replacement for the old WS2812 strip which is used for Balcony Lighting. With the replacement I am expecting much smother and brighter lighting.
Other PixelBlaze based lighting projects will stay “as is”. Let me see how the replacement will work.