V2.27 Release - Language & API compatibility with V3.18


This release for V2 brings over several features from V3 including the new math, array, and coordinate transformation APIs. The language support is now on par with V3.18, including various minor fixes.

There are a number of other small enhancements that have been brought over as well.

  • WiFi connection timeout increased from 10s to 30s (was too close for some routers).
  • Shows the PB name in the browser title and in the nav on page.
  • Fix issue with timesync issue when an AP PB and client PB boot up less than 5s, but more than zero. Just like what might happen if you tried to make a costume with multiple PB.* Improved the auto-off logic, now the same as V3.
  • Read only sections in the editor using lock tags.