V3.16 Release - Bug fixes, usability enhancements


This release brings several stability fixes, and a few usability enhancements.

  • When a Pixelblaze is in AP mode, it will synchronize the animation timers of any other Pixelblaze connected to its network. This has been a feature since V2 that had a bug in V3, which is now resolved.
  • Increased the maximum number of clients allowed to connect to a Pixelblaze in AP mode from 4 to 10.
  • Adjusted WS2812 protocol timing. I don’t expect this to impact anything, but may help in edge cases.
  • Output expander config panels are more usable on small mobile screens.
  • Fixed an issue that might cause weird phantom garbled WiFi networks showing up when in client mode.
  • The webserver has been reworked to improve stability and reduce code bloat. It is much simpler, on par with V2.
  • The auto-off timer logic has been adjusted so that it behaves more intuitively. Thank you @jeff for the auto-off logic idea.
  • Updated frameworks and libraries, with additional fixes ported to address a number of reliability issues that could cause a Pixelblaze to drop off the network or stop pinging the discovery service and getting updated clock time.
  • Fixed a crashing issue with tan(-PI / 2)
  • The setting for turning on/off preview frames with sendUpdates is now connection specific. Status updates are sent to all clients (it used to also be tied to sendUpdates).
  • Improved concurrent handling of some multi-frame websocket messages.
  • If a websocket times out, it should not disconnect other websockets anymore.

We’re skipping v3.13-v3.15, thank you to all the beta testers that helped iron out the wrinkles in those intermediate versions!

NOTE: in some cases applying the update may not update successfully, not to worry, it will continue running the current version. The update process currently downloads a new copy of the web app before swapping out the old one, so it needs a good chunk of free space for an update to apply successfully. The problem tends to happen more often when there are many stored patterns. Sometimes trying again will work, and deleting some unused patterns can help as well.


So it would be irrational to want a V3.14159… release


Somehow I Knuth you were gonna say that.


Very nice this fixed my issue accessing the PBv3 with the linux web-browser. :heart:

Many thanks!

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