V3 Standard unable to enter setup mode

I have a V3 Standard that is connected in client mode and I cannot get it into setup mode. I’m holding the button for at least 30 seconds and there is no response. Multiple attempts. I also tried holding the button during startup instead of waiting, but no difference. Discovery services sees it, but I can’t connect to it from my phone or my computer.

I’m running it off a 3.7v LIPO battery; Would that have any affect?

What else can I try?

Hi @Booli.

Usually, to reset my wifi settings, I only need to hold the button for about 3.5 seconds, then I’ll see the onboard LED blink. A few seconds later, my laptop will show the Pixelblaze_XXXXXX WiFi network available.

The discovery service will cache and list the most recently discovered IP for a while (a few hours, or a day or something), so if you see it listed there, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s still on, connected, and in client mode. However, if you can still click through the link provided by the discovery service and get a working web interface, then of course it’s still in client mode.

Hi @Booli ,
How many flashes do you see when powering your PB? One flash, followed by 3 pulses means it is in setup mode.

Holding the button while it is in setup mode won’t cause the usual setup mode LED flashing sequence.

In some cases I have to turn WiFi off, then on again after a few seconds on my Mac to see new networks. Sometimes I get the same on my phone as well.