V3 WiFi password required even when no password

Noticed that the v3 requires a password for WiFi (and thinks a password is required, showing a lock) even if the access point itself is open and password free.

That’s a bug, as v2 didn’t have that issue.
I run an open access point (especially for guest access) but there is no way to connect to it with v3.

This was true on v3.11 and still true on v3.16.

Hi @Scruffynerf ,
Thanks, thats been on the list, will be in 3.17. You’ll be able to create a passwordless AP as well if you like. Also allowing /update when in wifi setup mode should there be some need to do that e.g. if the web page gets corrupted somehow and you can’t finish wifi setup.

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Thanks! I had a lot of fun this Christmas with a feature that was providing an open / insecure AP for friends who visited. When they selected a pattern, it would drive a pin high that inflated a lawn inflatable and played a pattern inside it for a few seconds before deflating again. Open APs are fun.