Virtual Shelter - A light art festival installation

Here is a new art project installed as part of a month long (socially distanced) winter light art festival. This was a collaboration with The Seattle Design Nerds as one of several light art installations we put together throughout the fall and winter.

The Pixelblaze driven LEDs are mounted to EMT conduit covered with what is essentially pool noodles for diffusion.
Wiring and electronics are concealed in a translucent polycarbonate base on one side of the structure.

I was a hit!
Have a look…


This is awesome! Whereabouts, seattle? The local Portland winter lights festival is small but still on this year!

This was in downtown Redmond WA (the home of Microsoft). The (non) event was spread out over a month to allow social distancing, vs the 2 day event they’ve had in years past.

I used to work for a company that participates in the Portland event… I’d like to get down to see it!

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