Is there a way we can make a pattern or a collection of colors that will react to certain voltage inputs?

In other words converting my scooter into a giant voltmeter? Like at max battery, which is 67vdc it will be green, and as it progressively goes down, change the colors to red.

For example max voltage = green
Low battery = red

and all variants in between.

Absolutely! There is an analog input pin on Pixelblaze, and 5 more on the Sensor Board. The one on PB measures a range of 0 to 1v, while the sensor board does 0 to 3.3v. You can measure higher voltages by dropping or dividing them so they are in range.

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Got it Ben! nice, I have a client here in the Philippines interested in coding his PB into a voltmeter.

Please check your emails from me :slight_smile: