VU Meter pattern?

I have a new design I’m working on and one pattern I’d like to create is basically a VU meter. Has anyone already designed a pattern that allows different segments to show levels of different frequencies?

This is how it’ll look:

Each segment will have 20 pixels.

Hey! Check out “sound - spectrum analyser 1D/2D” in the default set of patterns that ships on a PBv3 (also here). It looks like this (you can customized the number of bands to match your project):

If you get a chance to enhance it, I always thought it would look great if the peaks were enhanced to implement exponential decay and sub-pixel rendering.

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Oh I didn’t even see that one. Thanks Jeff!

YES, this is PERFECT.

My only concern is that my design will not be a perfectly lined up matrix, so I’m not sure how my map will make it look, but once I wire it all up I’ll play around with it.