What happens when follower can't find leader

I sat down to work on one of my LED staffs, and I can’t see it’s wifi. I’m pretty sure the last time I was using this staff it was in follower mode to my other staff which is currently inoperable. Unfortunately, both staffs are difficult to disassemble, so it wouldn’t be trivial to either get to the reset button on the follower staff, or get the leader staff fired up so I can dismiss the follower staff.

But I would’ve assumed that if a follower PB can’t find it’s leader after some amount of time, it would revert to previous wifi settings, is that not true? Or maybe there’s some other reason I’m not seeing it.

The following mechanism is separate from wifi config.
It should run whatever pattern it was set up for before it became a follower until the leader shows up. With the latest version it would also go back to playing whatever it was configured for before it followed when the leader drops out after 1 minute, not just on power up.

If you know the wifi credentials it is trying to connect to, you could set up something with that name and password, then find it’s IP and reconfigure it. Otherwise you’d need to get to the button to put it back into wifi setup mode. Once you can access it, the settings tab would let you change the follower setting.