When you go big

8 foot cube, looks like 1 ping pong ball sized LED (from RayWu) every foot. Uses Teensy with ESP32 for wifi control. I suspect a PB would work just fine for this. 8x8x8 is 512 pixels. Trivial to map, add a sensor board, and all that is left is to code up fun 3D sound patterns.

If you built this with output expanders, you could even make it so you could go inside the cube (each strand hanging down… Using @wizard 's method of doing a collapsible cube). Add a expanding mount (a portable 10x10 popup shelter?) And you could take it places.



We worked on something like this for years, looking at distributions in space, controlling strings. @Wizard and I talked about it a year ago in my specific application. So glad now to be pursuing it with PB at its heart. This, after tries with other systems including Arduino , some DMX rig, and, the Big One, LX Studio. My team, however has distilled to myself for a variety of life and %^it happens reasons.

Looking forward to making our project a reality with PB @ the heart.

For now, here’s more inspiration! https://www.squidsoup.org/

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I can’t imagine what kind of budget is required to build that. :dizzy_face: If they used PixelBlaze to drive the patterns it would be so much better imho.

I priced the balls out at AliExpress, roughly somewhere between 50 cents and a dollar a piece, plus 12v power supply, plus expander(s)…