Wifi autoreconnect

I’ve got this project I’m helping with where there’s 8 PB’s synchronized across 4 tricycles. They all connect to a wifi router on one of the trikes. Sometimes one of the trikes gets too far from the router, or I need to power off the router for some reason. It seems to me that the Pixelblazes will not reconnect to the wifi once it’s available again until after they are power cycled.

Is there any way to have them periodically attempt to reestablish connection after it’s lost? Could that be a firmware update?

Hi @cjn566,
There is code in place that attempts to reconnect once a minute if disconnected in Client Mode. Are you not seeing them come back after a minute?

Also, are they staying completely off the wifi – do they show up in the router’s client list, or is it just that the websocket connection to firestorm gets broken?

FWIW, mine, PB2 and 3 alike, are very reliable about reconnecting to wifi after fairly frequent router reconfigurations and restarts. But losing wifi causes any open websocket connection to die pretty much instantly. It then has to be re-established from the client side.

Sorry, I totally forgot about this. There was a big snow storm in Portland, so obviously this project got de-prioritized.

I suspect what happened is that when the router was power cycled, it might have assigned new IP addresses to the PBs. But Firestorm was unaware of this change, so when I tried to get to a PB via Firestorm, it sent me to the last IP it knew of for said PB.

That, or I was just impatient and didn’t wait a full minute. Or any number of other things, but good to know they already try to reconnect.