Wifi config not persisting

Just received two PixelBlaze v2.7 boards, and am having a blast learning about them.

The one problem is that the Wifi configuration does not seem to persist when I power-cycle the board. I have to go through the config process (starting with connecting to the pixelblaze_XXXXXX SSID) each time.

I’m powering the board through the VIN pin, if that makes any difference.

Is this expected? Am I doing something incorrectly?

Hi @netelder,
That sounds pretty strange. Usually if you get connected it should stick.

Is it possible that the button is being pressed for long enough to trigger setup mode? Is there anything touching the pads under the button that might be shorting out the pads (and acting like a long-press)?

Is it started up within range of the network? If PB v2 can’t reach it’s network, it will go into setup mode.

Can you try putting it in AP mode, and seeing if that sticks?

Looks like a problem with my Meraki Wifi system. I’m seeing the following error in the Meraki logs:

802.11 association rejected for load balancing	load: 8, best_ap:, best_ap_load: 2, best_ap_rssi 32

According to the Meraki community, this is caused by a Wifi client that does not understand AP redirection. I would not expect a IoT device to provide this sort of feature.

Even after making the recommended change, I see the Pixel device connecting, but it remains unpingable.

Meraki has generally been a pain as I’ve experimented with IoT devices. Their focus on security (which is generally a good thing) means that partial Wifi implementations often don’t work.

I’ll add a non-Meraki AP at my workbench and see if the problems are resolved.

Bottom line: not a problem with PixelBlaze. Problem with my high-end Wifi network!

Installed a $30 WAP (tp-link Archer 20) and connected the PixelBlaze to a SSID hosted thereon. Everything works fine now, even after multiple power cycles.

Confirmed that the issue is how Meraki handles IoT Wifi stacks, at least the ones on the ESP8266.

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So, I’m seeing this same behavior on my network. I’ve got AT&T fiber service, ARRIS
router Model Number BGW210-700, with AT&T model Air 4920 mesh extenders in the house.