WiFi smart Button like "zigbee"

I am working on another project again. Since I am happy with my first pixelblaze, I probably going to buy a V3 for this project.

It will be around 24 meters of strip from one end of my apartment to the other.

Now it would be super handy to have a simple button next to the door that turns the pixelblaze on/off.
Push again may scroll through the patterns. Nothing to complicated, everything else can be done via smartphone.

Is that possible somehow?

So doing a real wired button is easy. Doing a wifi button is a lot harder. Technically, you could do it solely via web calls, so a smart button (something built to call custom urls, deal with PBs api), or [and much easier and almost off the shelf], you could wire up a home assistant/hubitat/etc smart system, which can control the PB, and anything else you want, and be smart enough to not only react to cheap wifi buttons (Amazon dash buttons were $5 or less, and could be used for this, but no longer made)

I’d suggest the smart system, as it’ll be a base for anything else you want in the apartment. HA is awesome.

I don’t know much about how the Zigbee button works, but I was just wondering if you knew that button on a PIxelblaze already advances through the patterns on the board or your current playlist (on short-presses). The board also has solder pads in parallel with the onboard button so you can attach an external button that can be beefier.

If you interspersed an “All off” pattern between the other pattern entries in a playlist, you could have a “push once for off, twice to go to the next pattern” UX pretty easily.

Ya I already thought about a wired button. Or powering the Pixelblaze with a smart plug which can be easily assigned to a smart Button. But that would bring other problems. Like when it’s off I couldn’t turn it on via smartphone.

I may use a wired button, didn’t really Know about that possibility. Used the Pixelblaze only with my mobile so far. Thought I can only turn on/off the power supply.
Guess it will be much easier than dealing with smart home stuff to much. I am pretty new to it, got a philips hue Bridge for 2 weeks now.
That’s why I had the idea with the button :grimacing:

That reminds me @wizard, an actual “off” state (not driven by the auto-off timer) would be handy. I have an ‘off’ pattern which still heats up the PB with “0-0-0” at 60fps.