Will this LED strip work with Pixelblaze?

Hey there, love the Pixelblaze, just getting started with some installations with it. I was trying to find a 16 foot strip that is comparable to the 4 meter spool of SK6812 that you sell on Tindie. I found this one, but can’t seem to get Pixelblaze to light it up.


I’m interested in a non IP rated strip that’s RGBW and roughly 16 feet. Curious if you could point me in the right direction.



Hey Chris! Welcome to the forums.

I’ve had ok experiences with a few products from that vendor, BTF, before.

How are you powering things? Are you injecting power on both sides of the strip (just want to be sure you’re not trying to power this over USB)? Can you post some pics of your wiring from Pixelblaze to the strip?

Hopefully we’ll be able to help you get it sorted out.

FWIW, this strip definitely works with Pixelblaze. I’ve got 10 meters of the water resistant IP65 variant connected to one of mine.

Hey guys, thanks or the reply. I am powering the Pixelblaze with USB power, the strip with a 5V power supply. Red voltage, white ground to PS. White ground and green data to the Pixelblaze.

I’ve got a couple of the strips from electro mage and they fire right up. I’ll keep tinkering. Thanks.

That sounds like it should work. Couple things to check:

  • I have definitely wired my data to the output end of the strip before, even thought I should know better. Also double check that the strip’s green center data line is connected to Pixelblaze’s “DAT”, next to ground.
  • The strip has a max consumption of 18A, so I wanted to check if you’re using a 20A supply (it will probably draw 5A typical).
  • Be sure your Settings page has SK6812 selected, and if the dropdown has options, try different data speeds. Also be sure to enter the right number of pixels, and check your 2 global brigntess settings (the limit and the slider - though you said it’s working with other strips)
  • You’re not connecting the Vdd (+) from the PB and the main power supply, which is great, but usually I prefer to back-feed 5V from the strip to the PB and skip the USB power entirely. This is probably not your issue.
  • If by chance you just got a bad strip, you can try testing for Vdd/Gnd continuity down the strip using the exposed copper pads. You can also try touching DAT to the center pad down further on the strip (you don’t really need to reduce the pixel count for a quick test) and if it works, you can bisect to find your dead pixel or broken data trace.

Hope something here helps. I’ve made all the mistakes before.

Here are the settings I use for the strip - forgot to post them earlier:

  • LED Type: Buffered (x2 Rate) WS2812/NeoPixel
  • Data Speed: 286ns/571ns
  • Color Order: GRBW

Thanks for all the replies everyone. Go figure, first test strip I bought was bad. I ordered a couple more after trying all your tips and they fired right up. Frustrating start, but I’m happy to get this working now!