Wiring / power help


We are super excited about this project.
We need some help with wiring, I believe we may have already blewup a strip. :frowning:

I need to power more than 30 leds so I would need an external power source?

Can I use a wall wart adapter to do this?

30 LEDs is not a lot, and can be powered by most USB charge adapters. Worst case, figure 60ma per LED if it is full white (on RGB strips, for RGBW, this is only 20ma), or about 20ma for a color. If you use colorful patterns you will probably be drawing around 600-700ma. The USB connector is rated up to 1.8A. If you drop brightness using the slider, total power use will be reduced.

LED strips are sensitive to over voltage, so make sure you aren’t giving them more than 5.5v (assuming it is a 5v strip).
LED strips are also sensitive to reverse polarity, so make sure the positive and negative connections don’t get mixed up.

You can also wire in an external power supply, just verify that it doesn’t output too much voltage, get the polarity right, and has headroom for your LED project. USB kind of makes that super easy, since the polarity and voltage are already handled by the spec :slight_smile:

Also, have you checked out the setup guide? It has some illustrations for wiring and power: