Wiring scematic for APA102 string with 1200 LEDs

Looking for advice as the best way to setup power for this string of lights. I have a 5 volt 60 amps 300 watts. I have previously run this same strip using a ESP8266 controller where I connected one 5 volt lead to the controller and had the 4 lines for vcc grd data and clock all connected to the controller. I have several additional power connections along the strip to provide additional power injections to the long strip. I want to change the controller to the PixelBlaze version 2. What if any changes should I make to connections to the PixelBlaze. PS My number of pixels is 1200. Thanks

Hi! That sounds right to me. Should be basically the same as your other controller.

If there’s any doubt though, you could compare to the hookup diagrams here:

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