Wiring / Signal Question

I have seven pair of BTF Lighting SK6812 (5 meter RGBW) LED strips, each pair is powered by a BTF DC5V60A, and a BTF K-1000C is used for control (set to 1, 14, 16 to get all white flashing across each pair of led strips). I have the K-1000C wired for power (power + ground) into the third power supply. I have back powered the end of each pair of led strips into it’s respective power supply to overcome the drop across the pair. I have a 14 gauge wire coming out of data port on the controller and it is soldered to the seven green data wires for the light pairs. All light pairs have power and turn on, but only the third pair is getting the correct signal - the third pair is powered by the same power supply as the controller.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to run a ground from each power supply to the ground on the controller? Would that “close the signal loop”? Have I made this set up too complicated? Do I need to do something else? I appreciate any and all help!

OR is this something I could use pixelblaze for signal??? I don’t mind changing if it would work better. If so, what would I need to add to the setup?

Sean from Texas

PS: this is being used on a UFO (8’ tall x 16’ wide) for my daughter’s high school band. I will get a picture or video and share once it is running correctly.

This looks like a lot like an improper Ground connection.
Any LED strip linked to your controller must be to the same ground as the controller. I recommend to connect all the GND (controller, LED strips, power supplies).

Whenever I have LED turning on (or not) not the way they should, it’s usually that a ground is not connected somewhere.

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