With Pixel Blaze ppl think I am a wizard

I just want to thank Ben and show off my project. I’m in a sort of 11 piece punk/brass band and we needed lights for a lantern parade and other shows. I went with pixel blaze because of the flexibility and ease of the wifi control. I started writing my own software to work with a network of controllers but then Firestorm was released.

Each band member has a string of 50 lights, a power pack of 4 AA batteries wired in parallel to the lights and the controller. The string have a sleeve to diffuse the light and let everyone pin them to their outfit.

Firestorm is running on a raspberry pi in a gamegrrl case and triggered by an ESP8266.

Linked is a video of our last show. You can see some issues with the light strings being damaged and other mistakes programing but having everyone’s lights change at once was magical. I heard someone yelling about how all the lights changed at the same time. The camera didn’t pick it up but I took the waveform demo and made it a red/white candy cane look.

I love the pixel blaze and can’t wait to keep extending it on the server side to use OSC and DMX


This is just so cool. You folks look like you’re having way too much fun :slight_smile:

Well done!

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