Wizard Table - 95% Complete

I’ve almost finished this build. It just needs some cleanup and finishing touches. The link it to a 3 minute video where I explain the table a bit.

Video Link


Thanks for sharing this. It’s a really cool, fun build. Are you using NFC tags in the tarot cards? Great idea! Nice, smooth inlay work too.

I built a map table like this (but lacking the cool LEDs) a few years ago with a short-throw projector salvaged from a DLP TV, back when everybody was replacing them with flat screens. It was heavy, bulky, noisy, inconvenient and… really fun to use 'till the bulb burned out and I couldn’t get another.

Especially since we’re planning game nights in person again, seeing your table inspires me to get busy and build a new one for my group!

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Thanks! Yes, NFC tags with a PN532 reader on a raspberry pi.

My group is spoiling to play on it, so I think I’m going to have to fire up the 3d printer for some story specific minis and build a campaign that uses it well.

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Outstanding job on the table!

This is a really cool setup. love the soundboard integration. you could do a secret floor switch or button under the table to surprise people without placing a card down too.

Yeah! Lots of options with the raspi, as it can run almost anything and integrates well with all sorts of services.