Ws2811 power question

Using the Pixelblaze with WS2811. To power the strips correctly would I still use 5v input, and a 12v to the strips. I tried the 5v input and they are super dim. Didn’t want to overpower and mess anything up.

Some WS2811 are intended to work with 5V, some are 12V, so that depends on the particular LEDs you have. Some WS2811 LED strips have 3 RGB LEDs in a chain per “pixel” and those will definitely need 12V to work.

You can drive 12V LEDs with Pixelblaze by using a separate 5V power supply (or a buck / drop-down converter) for Pixelblaze. If you do this, be sure to keep GND connected between the 5V and 12V system. The data line needs that GND reference to work right.