Ws2812b.led ring

Hello I had a question about the led rings. I had cut a section off of the led ring and when I went to connect them only one side of the ring lit up. I’m confused on how to get the other side of the ring to light up.

Hi JClark,

Here’s my guess. I’m thinking you may have cut it at angles that weren’t chosen to carefully only trim off the end of the sequence.

If you unrolled the ring, you’d find it’s a liner sequence; that’s just how all WS28xx’s work, whether a strip, a ring, a 2D matrix grid, etc.

So, imagining a clock, let’s say that your ring was wired to start the data flow in at the 1 o’clock position, then pass data to 2 o’clock, etc, and the last LED is at the top, 12 o’clock.

Now, let’s pretend you snipped out the bottom 60 degrees: From 5 o’clock to 7 o’clock.

Data is now interrupted, so 1-6 o’clock will still work, and 8-12 o’clock will be dark.

Is this possibly what you’re experiencing?

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Thank you for your input it really helped.

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And yes that’s Definitely what I was experiencing as well.