Xlights support?

Is the pixelblaze supported in xlights? Along with the splitter?


Not right now, though Wizard has said E1.31 is an aspiration for the product roadmap.

As opposed to the many options out there for turning ArtNet/sACN into the Manchester code spoken by pixels, I think of Pixelblaze as aiming for something a little different. It’s about livecoding; it is the designer (code, not visual) and the renderer. It’s like aiming to start out from Arduino/FastLED but trading some performance for the joy of “it just works and I get feedback faster”. From what I know, I think of xlights as a lighting designer, an open source alternative to Madrix, MadMapper, Touch Designer, LX Studio, Resolume (but I haven’t used any of these, so take my impression with a grain of salt!)

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Hi @Takagari,
Not yet, @jeff nailed it. The focus of Pixelblaze has been on it’s unique offerings - live coding and a self-contained LED pattern generator + driver.

I think that having the hardware ready to go, easy setup, and output expander options will appeal to some folks so it’s on the roadmap.

Also I think there’s room for some cool hybrid applications where Pixelblaze usually runs patterns but can switch when it starts getting pixel data from another system.

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Thanks. Ya it has a use base for me in one spot. But sadly not for my outdoor lights. I think I’ll god dig-quad for outdoors. Use the blaze inside.


Yeah, I was going to recommend the Dig-Quad (and WLED) for E1.31

@wizard, +1 adding to the option(s)… WLED has grown in large part due to being open source (though Aircookie is amazing too.) I totally get why you haven’t done that with PB (so that sales of board/software fund your time/enetgy). So I’m sure your TODO list is quite full.