3d led cube 8x8x8

Thinking of a led cube with PB… My questions maybe will sounds funny but im new to this. My projects till now is an infinity mirror led clock and a simple led strip with stand projecting patterns on the wall. So about led cube. A kit of those they sell like auracube etc can work with PB? Or a simple custom pcb needed to connect the leds rgb or single color and how to connect. Zigzag or straight across and how can i edit patterns or make new to have effects for a cube… for example rain effect pattern. ofc i have notice a topic here with title teleport led . A software for viewing patterns via PB to pc screen. There i saw volumetric previews on sphere. cylinder or cube… so i quess can be done?

No, PB wont work with those led cube kits.

I’d suggest starting smaller with PB first, anyway.
Do a simple matrix, or even a disc, before you add the 3rd dimension.

There are cube kits like that that use WS2812 type LEDs that would work.

I love cubes :slight_smile: here are 2 that are easy to make with Pixelblaze:

  1. Walled cube using 8x8 panels. 3D printed corner clips hold the panels together. 8x8 WS2812 LED Cube
  2. Volumetric cube using LED pixel string. Many variations of this are possible. Pixelblaze Volumetric Cube

@wizard I love led cubes very much. tiny smd cube to bigger16x16x16 but 8x cube its ok for start. so a curtain of led rows and 8 channel expander . This must be hanged from the cell ? can be done with pcb ready rows like l3d cube by looking glass company somehow but pcb scheme for the base…i have not idea :grin:

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