Blinkfade - limiting hue palette

Hi All,

Hoping I could get some code tips here; I’m looking at Blinkfade (sound reactive)… and I can see its choosing hues from a rotating palette.

Any ideas on how I could restrict the palette … or ignore certain hues ?

    The reinitialized pixel's color will be selected from a rotating 
    pallette. The base hue cycles through the hue wheel every 4.6 seconds.
    Then, up to 20% hue variation is added based on the loudest frequency
    present. More varied sound produces more varied colors.
  hues[i] = time(.07) + .2 * triangle(_maxFrequency / 1000)

Hi @emdeex,
Check out this article on doing all kinds of fancy things with hue:

While you may not need the later blending stuff, the first part should help you limit it to a subset of the spectrum.