Can only connect via Mobile browser in incognito

Have a weird issue on my PBv3. It is setup connected to WiFi and all is good. Discovery mode in enabled and finds device. However if I attempt to connect to the device from any other device other than on my Mobile phone (Chrome) in Incognito mode I get a connection error with chrome specifically stating ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and FireFox simply stating “Unable to Connect”

Again on the mobile phone i get the same error however if i open in incognito works fine.

Thats quite odd, but I’m glad you have found a way to get it working. Can you try removing cookies for that URL and clearing your cache? Are your other devices connected to the same wifi network as Pixelblaze? Do you have multiple networks/zones, or any proxy services, or VPNs in use?

So I was able to resolve.

I just received my second PB3 so decided to setup that one as well to see if I could replicate the issue or if it was specific to this one device. In doing so (and replicating) a thought came to me … I have my network wifi setup to share SSID for both 2.4 and 5 frequencies and have seen issues in the past with devices going wonky particularly ones with only 2.4 onboard.

Now this was a bit different as in those scenarios the 2.4 only device itself would fail to connect where in this situation it would connect however no other device could connect to it except my new Mobile device with a wifi6e chip (in incognito). How/Why that is the case no clue!

However I setup a new 2.4 only SSID to test and connected the 2 PB to that network, enabled some routing and bingo all is working as expected.

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Glad to hear it!

Were the 2.4 & 5GHz networks given different subnets that wouldn’t route traffic between them? All traffic from your browser to PB is local. I have a dual 2.4 and 5GHz network here, but both land clients on the same subnet.

Nope thats what was odd same network subnets. I may play a bit to see if there is something specific on the router (such as smartconnect) that is causing some sort of issue. Would be ideal to identify root cause … (ASUS RT-AC3100 Merlin Firmware)

Maybe a security feature that prevents clients from communicating with each other?

On Merlin’s firmware… wireless->professional->set AP isolated (sets it so clients can not communicate with each other)

Yeah clients aren’t isolated that’s what kills me about this issue as I can get it to work in one scenario using my mobile so I know the devices can communicate…it’s an odd one