Fire Hazard Turtle

Feeling inspired by what I did last week or the week before, I purposely wired leds into a random turtle in a very strange way!

I expected it to just not work due to how everything met back up at the head… My face when it lit up on the first attempt, without me needing to shake it until wires stop touching wires!

The behavior is strange too, I expected the two lines on both sides of the turtle to mirror each other along with the final led. I plan to investigate this more as I work toward making a JST-connector animal centipede over the next few weeks. Maybe it was just my imagination! Things seems to be running just as expected in the video, but I feel as I noticed something off in person. Shrug!

This below was how I expected it to work with the pixelblaze’s code. Since everything in Pixel 2 was wired like this instead of sequentially, I expected the pixelblaze to only “see” two pixels to work with. SCIENCE!

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