Function Placement for Mapping Pixel Arrays

I figured out how to map all my 32 LED Strings that I will be using in a new art installation using PixelBlaze.

Question: Where does the pixel render function have to go, before the map or after the map?
I tried playing with the code in the examples but I can’t seem to get it to work.
Please see image attached. Any help much tips, hints, or nudges much appreciated.

Array Example|690x293

Neither, you won’t mix pattern and mapping code. Each have their own top-level tab and editor. Since you have a json for you map, you won’t need code at all in the map. It can look like this in the editor on the Mapper tab:

... the rest of your map

(don’t forget to save!)

Then on the Edit tab, you code patterns. That is where the export function render3D(index, x, y, z) {} stuff goes. The x, y, and z will be fed coordinates (in world units) based on your map.

That is smart! Great news to my ears! Question: Will my file save even if I turn off the controller? I’ve seen it where in Mapping after restarting controller and loading pattern it doesn’t save. I could be wrong.

The map and patterns do NOT save automatically. On the map page the Save button is right below the editor. For patterns, right above. You’ll need to name your pattern and give it 5 seconds to generate a preview before saving.

It does!

I got all the pixels mapped and in the mapping tabs. For some reason the strips of light I can see and I have the brightness tab turned all the way up.

Anyway to make the pixels show up brighter?

If you have the max brightness at 100 on the settings tab and the brightness slider all the way to the right, and your pattern is outputting 1’s, then that’s as bright as your LEDs go.

I’m trying to render 21,000 pixels in the mapping program so they are not going to be that bright. That is what I come to guess.

This post mentions some kinda-hidden tunables for the previews: