HD-108 compatibility

Sure, I’ll order one. Let’s take this fresh blinkiness 2D! :woman_astronaut:

OooooooOOOOOOOooooooo! :face_holding_back_tears: YESPLEEZ! Thank you so much. That’s almost unbelievable turnaround.

Yeah, they’ve been a hoot. I have two spools of 30/m IP68 for outside, and two spools of 60/m in the crown molding of a pitch black home theater. Apart from a variety of hand-coded demos, I’ve pretty much just used them for lights-on and lights-off. (While planning ambitious transition animations and other triggered effects.) The kid would now like to take charge and run it much further, much quicker. Cue that happily obsolete feeling.

The theater strips are powered and controlled from right above the projector lens passthrough, on the rear wall. So, from the center of a horseshoe configuration 12’ : 12’ : 12’, with 10AWG feeding the front and back of each 300pc strip.

Electronics-wise, how would you suggest I plan to transition from my Raspberry Pi 4 to our new V3, with or without our new output expander? (The exterior 150pc runs are easy: each will just be driven by its own Pico instead of a Pi Zero. I’d pulled one strip inside for this Thing Dev work.) Should I put the theater on a pair of Picos and try to drive it from Firestorm?

Once again: thank you for bumping this special request forward so quickly! The girl and I are both just tickled about it. High fives all around. :crazy_face:

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I have recently soldered up my first PCBs with some HD108 LEDs. Home reflow was a success!

Now I have to get it working with PB or with this FastLED fork on a Teensy 4.0.

Let me know if you want a build to play with.

Do you mean a PB build with the Apa102Adapter modified to support HD108? If so, then yes please! I have a picoblaze running V3.30