Help me with this name sign

Hello guys. I make this little sign to my son. He loved. But I want some really cool effects like msking a map? A affects that move the name it self left to right and up and down maybe? Can somebody make something nice to me? I really appreciate… I wish to have some free time to learn how to do this… :blush::blush::blush:

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Take a photo straight on, and use @wizard’s mapping tool

It’s just point and click on each led and you’ll have a decent map right away.

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I will try that tonight. Thanks

Let me ask you again. I get a code. Now what I do with this code? Where put it? :man_facepalming::blush:


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@wizard, you need to add better documentation to that page for the tool. Not the first time newbies sent that way asks this. It should be clear for them right up front.

Visit the Mapping tab on your PB and replace the text there with the above and hit save.

(I think that’s right, you don’t need a function wrapper, right? If so, we can add that.)

That is what I do. I saved and then what I do?

Did the rotating display look right? If so, your map is good.

Download any of the 2D patterns from the pattern library and then add them to your PB by visiting the edit tab, then “open file” and select the downloaded pattern file, and it should just work for you right away (in most cases)

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I have some 2d patterns already. But it dont show what I do with the mapper tool. Just regular patterns.

The rotating display look good