How do I map LEDs

No spread sheet experience here so how would I map a fibonacci 144 display which is what I’ve built.
Another question: There are 11 arms with 12 LEDs per each arm. Zigzag = true. So, how wide and tall is my display?

Take a picture, then use this tool:

Click on each of the lights in the same order that they are wired. Then copy and paste the coordinates into Pixelblaze’s mapper tab.

More info here.

When I place this map into the Mapper section and I’m running 144 LED’s the bottom of the page states that Something doesn’t look right. Could it be because my LED’s are listed (mapped)?

Oops 132 LED’s Thanks for the photo/pixel tool. Now when I shut down my PC and I’ve saved the Mapping screen, which is very confusing as I can only select Ring, Matrix, Multiple Panel Matrix, /Volumetric Cube, Walled Cube. How can I insert a different name like Fiboccini so that I can select in the future? And when I save and come back, where can I get the Map again as it’s neither of the drop down names?

Hi FredEBear,

Those load premade code so you have easy access to common examples. The Fibonacci ones are not a common example. You do not save your map to that list. When you click save at the bottom of the mapper, (below the text box for the map code), if your map is valid, the map saves into the text box. There’s one map saved at any given point.

I made a folder on my computer where I save various maps I’ve made as files so I can use them on other Pixelblazes in the future.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have done the same thing.