How to upgrade firmware

There’s so many new features always being released in new versions it’s hard to keep up! What’s the best way to upgrade my firmware without ordering a new unit?


The firmware is updatable! For now, send me an email. I’m working on a better solution, promise!
I hope to have a way of communicating changes (change log), and hopefully get a one-click update working.

UPDATE: see this link for update instructions (and newer versions can be updated easily!):

Email still the right way to get firmware update? What’s new? I’m on v2.16 at the moment

Here’s the info, plus the process is much easier after v2.18.

The link to the update file doesn’t seem to be working

I’m using a 2.7 board that has firmware version 2.16 on it and I’d like to update to be able to use the client mode and UI features if possible.

Try copying the URL and pasting it into a new tab or window.

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