Hue range help please

New to pixel Blaze starting to get a basic understanding of some of the values but long way away from coding any type of effects. All the patterns are awesome after spending close to $150 on crappy LED controllers. Pixelblaze blows them all out of the water. Just wondering if there was a way to limit some of the patterns to certain hues. Lights are on my car and I can’t be rocking pinks and light purples. So a hue range of “0-.65“


You can pretty easily modify any pattern…

If it’s using HSV, then limiting the H is your goal.

This will vary by pattern, but if the pattern has


You can change it to something like this:


The %.65 is mod .65, so it’ll roll over to 0 and start back toward .65 again.

Another method would be adding a line just before the HSV call, like:
if (h > .65) { h = h%.65}
If the rollover looks weird (many hue patterns assume a rollover at 1 to 0, which are both red, and you’re going from blue back to red… And then another abrupt change if they stop at 1, since that’s just .35 (greenish) back to 0 (red))
Then you could do:
if (h > .65) { h = .65 - ((h-.65)/.35)*.65}
That will smoothly reverse back to red for the last third of 0…1 so you’ll have a red to blue change then a blue to red change which is only half as long/wide.

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Adding on to ScruffyNerf’s answer, also check out these related techniques!

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Thank you guys for the quick response! Cant wait to do some more tinkering when i get off work. :laughing:


Of course my phone camera does very little Justice to how cool the lights are but you guys get the idea.

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