Is there a Pixelblaze Pattern Editor/Mapper sandbox?

Hi all,

I just ordered a PixelBlaze, and I am wondering if there is any online sandbox, where I can try out making patterns and seeing previews of my mappings before the device arrives. I’m leaving for the burn on the 23rd, and the controller isn’t scheduled to be delivered until the 19th, so I was hoping to have as much of my code as possible ready before it arrives, so that I can hit the ground running.

Apologies if this has been answered; I did some searches and couldn’t find anything.

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Without a PixelBlaze in hand, I don’t know how to do that / I haven’t seen an emulator, although one of the core team may.

However, if you want a piece of pre-Burning Man playa magic, where are you based?

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, for example, and are willing to come to my place in Oakland, I’ll hand you a new PixelBlaze this weekend in exchange for you giving me one back when yours arrives…


I appreciate the offer, but I’m based in San Diego.

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Pixel teleporter still requires a Pixelblaze and a separate piece of hardware. It just means you don’t need the actual pixels to test.

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Yes, you’re right. My bad. I just searched emulator and didnt really read the post, sorry. I think what your asking for would be a large invesment to make and would mean giving away the secret sauce. Maybe some kind of mini trimmed down version would be beneficial for marketing a try before you buy option.

Hey which pixel blaze did you need? Standard or pico? I’m in LA and could overnight you but it would be expensive af to ship. I dont think i have any standard pixelblaze but i could check.

Hi @cuddlefish ,
I wouldn’t think shipping to San Diego (or anywhere in the USA) would take that long, unless shipped via UPS ground, which can take a week. Standard USPS mail is like 1-3 days usually.

I think maybe the shops delivery estimation thing might be off. If you look at the tracking info for your order, there should be up to date delivery estimates.

Also, I just want to say WOW, the community here is awesome and folks offering to help out another PB user in need is just really heartwarming.


@wizard you are right, I was basing it off of the shop website estimate. I just noticed that I got the tracking info and it should be delivered tomorrow, so all good. Thanks for the offers everyone!

I still feel like it would be a great idea to have an emulator, like @Sunandmooncouture suggested, for trialing and also not having to bring along a device if you want to develop while traveling, for instance.


It’s on my roadmap! I think it would be cool to preview from the pattern library too!