Meetup at Burning Man 2022

Looks like a few peeps from this site will be on playa.
I leave tomorrow. Driving up from San Diego. Will be on playa on Wednesday. I’ll have my pvc pedal car lit up with SK9822 inside of white Pex tubing. Hope to see some of you guys out there with your PB designs.



I bet a bunch of us will be going to the LEDs Are Awesome meetup.

Tue 8/30 8 pm - 12
8:15 & G


Oh, I hadn’t heard of it. Thanks for the info. I’m not working that night. I’ll try to remember to make it.

Awesome! My Hexadechacoron will be at the Alternative Energy Zone, 3:45 and E. Come bask in it’s pixelblaze awesomeness!


That’s cool… what are you using as a diffuser?

This is AquaPEX tubing - 1" ID. I had to make custom 3D printed junctions to hold it ttogether

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oh hey neighbor! i gotta come over and see that hexadeachoron!!

my camp Backfire is gonna be right across the street from you (and AEZ) at 3:45 and F. i’m also using a pixelblaze in our new-for-2022 camp sign. i was up all night getting the letters assembled and bolted in place. now to build the box frame and stand… its about 8 feet across and nobody’s gonna miss it at night.


I’ll be at 3 & B with camp Bao Chicka Wow Wow. Come see some of Wizard and ZRanger1’s handiwork on the Titanic’s End art car (polygon iceberg).


Come see some of Wizard and ZRanger1’s handiwork on the Titanic’s End art car (polygon iceberg).

And, of course, an unbelievable amount of work over many, many months by @jeff on this massive project! Go see it in action if you can!


I have a new, er, mobile water lily Art car that will be roaming around, running 6 PB’s. Green lily pad with a stalk and 14’ flower on top. All running off batteries, hopefully :slight_smile:

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I’ll be at 745& D at interrobang.
My art piece, starburst, will be somewhere on inner playa between 6 and 9.
Hope I can make meetup, but my wife arrives that afternoon

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FYI, I’ve been here since Monday and it’s been unusually warm both day and night. A severe dust storm with thunder (!) happened last night and blew down lots of stuff. Welcome to your vacation!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone brings this year! I’ll be floating around on a bike with 3 PBs driving my wheel and whip lighting, and you’ll probably recognize the standard PB patterns, so feel free to say hello. (I’m at that giant sound camp at 9 & G.)


I rolled past your camp a few times in the evening. I’m in a pvc pedal car with leds inside of Pex tubing. It looked like you guys were really busy. It was during build week.

Would love to see some pics of everyones work when your all back :man_mage:t3:

Hi @timster did you custom-make those LED matrix modules that you are using? That’s a really awesome design!

thanks @PrismaticPhilo !

each “pixel” is a 4x4 led matrix. those can be ordered from aliexpress. but i had to design and build a jig that would let me lay out each letter with the correct spacing and hold the matrices very precisely in place while i soldered them together using header pins.

then it was a matter of designing the letter shells, determining the optimal distance from the LEDs to the transparent acrylic, etc. there’s a total of 2656 LEDs in the whole display. it was also a very happy concidence that the pro expander has eight ports which is exactly how many letters there are. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing more about your build! One of the hardest or at least most time-consuming parts of builds is soldering everything together. I might need to make a jig for some projects. it can be so hard to get things lined up perfectly. It turned out amazing and looks like it was well worth it.

Doing the math it looks like the modules you used are a little over 1.5" The LED modules look smaller than that. I found some 4x4 matrix aliexpress. I was actually thinking it might be something more like a 4x4 version of this. Which is such a small dense LED matrix. Adafruit DotStar High Density 8x8 Grid - 64 RGB LED Pixel Matrix : ID 3444 : $24.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Can I ask what Acrylic you used? I have used the diffusing kind before with ok results, but I probably needed more distance between it and the LEDs.

You probably want something more like these 2x2 matrixes maybe?

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Those are really cool! Thanks for sharing!